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“Ask the Doc” with Dr. Waqas Ahmed from American Telephysicians

Each week on “Ask the Doc,” our host Adrienne Houghton sits down with physicians from all over town and asks them the important questions about health. Today, Adrienne had the honor to sit down with Waqas Ahmed from American Telephysicians.

Dr. Waqas Ahmed is a Jacksonville Florida based physician (Nephrologist by training), Founder and CEO of American Telephysicians and NeuroX and an expert & international speaker on digital health and telemedicine. He has been a member of World Bank/IFC think-tank on digital healthcare and had the honor of speaking at United Nations on digital healthcare initiatives and present ATP’s projects at its annual high-level meeting on Universal Health. He has also been named among the Top 50 CEOs of Digital Healthcare companies and listed among Top 20 of Telemedicine companies.

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