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Introducing Next-Gen Dementia Testing and Care Using Voice and Speech AI

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It takes less than 10 minutes

What is LANGaware Dementia Testing

Langaware is an innovative decision-support tool leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to improve the experience for both patients and clinicians. By analyzing language and speech patterns, we can gain insights into the well-being of our brains. When we communicate, intricate neural networks collaborate to shape our thoughts and concepts. With our exclusive technology and biomarkers, LANGaware can detect subtle alterations in speech and anticipate cognitive decline as well as psychiatric disorders.


In the event of anomalies being detected, our team of certified neurologists from NeuroX is accessible for online consultations within 24-48 hours, offering convenient care and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

How it works


Take the LANGaware Online Test

Its easy and takes less than 10 minutes


Review Your Results

Results are delivered almost instantaneously to your email address


Take Action

Book a quick appointment with NeuroX Neurologist


Live Your Best

Improve your quality of life by timely diagnosing and attending to dementia

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Improve your quality of life! 

How long does the test take?

The actual test takes only 2 minutes. The complete process usually takes 4-5 minutes on average. 

How do I get my results? 

Your results are delivered to your e-mail address almost instantaneously. Please verify that you provide your correct e-mail address at the time of the test.  

Can I take the test multiple times?

Yes, you may take the test multiple times if you want. 

What will my report look like? 

Langaware results are comprehensive and provide a complete outlook of your memory profile. You can view a sample report by clicking here. 

How long do you keep my report? 

Your reports are available for view and download for 30 days. We strongly recommend that you download your report to keep a record on your local computer. 

Is this a diagnostic tool? 

LANGaware is a very effective and accurate decision support and risk assessment tool. While it can be used to help in diagnosis, it should not be considered as a standalone diagnosis tool in the detection of memory disorders. 

What happens if my report indicates a high risk of dementia? 

You have an option of discussing your case online with one of NeuroX US Board Certified Neurologists. The consultations are as quick as within 24-48 hours and cost as low as $139.  

The science behind LANGaware

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