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Better Productivity for Your Business!
Better Mental Health for Your Employees!

Boost the productivity of your team as we monitor, engage, and provide care options to your employees at their fingertips! 


Employee turnover is due to being mentally disturbed at the workplace


Estimated Productivity Loss Per Employee Per Annum Due to Fatigue & Sleep Deficiency in the US. 


Increase in absenteeism due to sleep conditions and mental health issues 

Comprehensive Mental Health Plan for
$19.99 only Per Month Per Employee

Includes free services, as well as access to premium services at discounted prices

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can disrupt employee’s ability to focus, make decisions, and handle workplace stress, potentially leading to avoidance of certain tasks or situations.

Stress and Burnout

Stress & Burnout

Chronic stress can result in burnout, leading to decreased productivity, mistakes at work due to lack of concentration, and a negative attitude towards work and employer.

Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Sleeplessness & Insomnia

Employees suffering from insomnia experience fatigue, mood disturbances, and decreased concentration, which can significantly reduce their productivity and work quality.

Headches and Migraine

headaches & Migraine 

Migraines affect concentration, decision-making, and productivity leading to increased absenteeism and reduced job satisfaction, impacting overall workplace efficiency.

Remote patient monitering device

Remote Monitoring using Wearable Devices

Our System integrates wearable devices such as Apple Watches and Fitbits to monitor vital parameters related to sleep, stress, and physical activity. Utilizing advanced algorithms, it can effectively detect and screen for various neurological, sleep, and psychological disorders, offering a comprehensive approach to health monitoring and diagnostics. This innovative system harnesses the power of technology to enhance early detection and support proactive healthcare management.

Online Class

Online Screening Tests

Our service also includes online tests and speech-based screening tools designed to evaluate the risk of sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. These innovative methods help in identifying potential mental and sleep-related issues that could affect an employee's performance and overall wellbeing. By highlighting these risks, NeuroX aids in promoting proactive interventions and supports the maintenance of a healthy, productive workforce.

On a Video Call

Access to Health Coaches 

Our mental health plan extends beyond diagnostics, offering employees free access to a dedicated health coach. This personalized support allows individuals to discuss their mental health concerns in a safe and confidential environment. The health coach provides guidance, strategies for stress management, and tailored advice to promote mental well-being. This comprehensive approach ensures that employees not only identify potential issues through our advanced screening tools but also receive the necessary support and resources to address them effectively, fostering a healthier, more supportive workplace environment.

Online Medical Consultant

Online Consultations with US Board Certified Specialists

Our Mental Health Plan revolutionizes employee healthcare by offering online consultations with US board-certified specialists in neurology, psychology/psychiatry, and sleep medicine. This service provides a convenient and affordable solution for employees seeking expert medical advice. Traditionally, securing an appointment with such specialists could take up to three months, but through our plan, the wait time is drastically reduced to just two days. Starting at $149, these consultations offer an accessible and efficient way for employees to address their health concerns promptly, ensuring they receive the highest standard of care without the lengthy delays often encountered in traditional healthcare settings.


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