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Senior Living Facilities

Dedicated Healthcare Services for Senior Living Facilities

Trusted by Top Organizations in USA

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Why Choose Us

NeuroX brings board-certified neurologists, psychiatrists and sleep specialists directly to your facility via TeleNeurology. Residents receive expert care for stroke, dementia, Parkinson's, and more - all within their familiar environment. Improve resident outcomes, reduce costs, and boost satisfaction.


Bypass the long wait times! 

NeuroX transforms mental health care for assisted living facility residents by guaranteeing swift access to consultations within 72 hours. Our services, which include sleep, neurology, and psychiatric care, feature esteemed neurologists, psychiatrists, and sleep specialists from across the USA. This revolutionary approach bypasses the usual 2-month appointment wait time, addressing urgent needs efficiently.

NeuroX benefits the facility's budget and residents with mobility constraints by eliminating travel complexities and expenses. Our innovative solution exemplifies a holistic and patient-centered approach to mental health care in senior living settings, ensuring prompt, comprehensive, and compassionate care for all residents.

Top Service Standards

Partner with NeuroX to deliver unparalleled neurology care in your senior living facility. Contact us today to learn how our holistic brain care can enhance the quality of care for your residents, improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and create convenience for your residents and staff. Together, we can create a healthier, more supportive environment for your community.

24/7 Brain Health Access:

Provide continuous, expert brain health care with our 24/7 holistic brain care services, ensuring immediate consultations and evaluations.

Onsite Tele -


Establish and manage sleep, Psychiatric, and neurology clinics within your facility, offering residents convenient access to expert care without traveling miles for treatment..

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Regular In-Patient Rounding:

Regular neurological, Psychiatric, and sleep disorder evaluations for residents, ensuring consistent monitoring and management of neurological conditions.

Family and Caregiver Support:

Provide comprehensive support and education to families and caregivers, fostering a better understanding of residents' neurological health.

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