The brain is the organ of destiny. It holds between its humming mechanism secrets that will determine the future of human race.

Dr. Wilder Penfield



NeuroX is a project of American TelePhysicians, founded in 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida with the aim to become a complete & comprehensive Neuro & Psych care portal. NeuroX provides both patients and providers the resources and tools needed to ensure outstanding integrated neurological, psychological & psychiatric clinical care with efficiency as well as cost savings.

NeuroX enables patients to search and schedule appointments with neurologists, psychologists and psychiatrists in their area, as well as to consult with top neuro & psych specialists online through secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing using NeuroX website or iOS & android App. 

As a comprehensive Neuro & Psych care portal, NeuroX provides specialist a high traffic platform to not only list their available services for patients, but also provides a complete telemedicine solution to allow teleneurology, telepsychology & telepsychiatry visits in variety of domains. 

Whether you are a patient searching for an online neurologist, psychologist or psychiatrist, or are a neuro & psych specialist providing services in office, at home or in rehab, assisted living facilities or prisons, NeuroX provides the platform to connect the right patient with the right provider quickly, conveniently & efficiently.

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We are a diverse team consisting of experienced physicians, IT professionals and business operations experts with a dream to transform the healthcare delivery using digital innovative technology. 

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We create digital healthcare ecosystems. We strongly believe that healthcare delivery should not be a fragmented affair. It should rather be a seamlessly integrated system of services to ensure convenience, security & continuation of care.

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We enable physicians and healthcare service providers with state-of-the-art digital tools to practice telemedicine, as well providing them high traffic virtual marketplaces to make their services accessible to patients nationwide at all times. 


M. Umar Farooq MD FAHA FACP

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Chief of Neurology Services

Waqas Ahmed MD

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Founder & CEO

Sherri H. Johnson

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SVP Communications & BD

Naseer Ahmed Khan MD

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Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Susan Woolner CPXP

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Manager Business Development

Khurram Altaf

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VP Marketing & Operations

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