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Quick Screening

NeuroX provides accredited quick screening tests that can help you gauge your risk for dementia, stroke, and other neurological disorders from the comfort of your home. 

Most tests take less than 10 minutes and need a personal computer with an internet connection.


Memory screenings are intended for everyone who is concerned for himself or others about memory loss or who is experiencing warning signs of dementia as well as those who believe they are at risk due to a family history of Alzheimer’s disease or a related illness. 

Please submit your details below and answer the questions to check your risk for dementia and other memory disorders.  

Are you becoming more forgetful ?
Do you have trouble concentrating ?
Do you have diffculty performing familiar tasks ?
Do you have trouble recalling words or names in conversation ?
Do you sometimes forget where you are ?
Have family or friends told you that you are repeating questions or saying the same thing over and over again ?
Are you misplacing things more often ?


When we communicate, intricate neural networks collaborate to shape our thoughts and concepts. With our exclusive technology and biomarkers, LANGaware can detect subtle alterations in speech and anticipate cognitive decline as well as psychiatric disorders. 


The audio test takes less than 5 minutes. You will receive the results in the e-mail provided. In case you want to discuss your results, you can get a consultation with NeuroX Online Neurologists within 24-48 hours.. 


This test produces the most accurate results if conducted using earphones/headphones with a microphone in a calm, quiet indoor environment with little or no environmental noise. Please use a laptop or desktop to perform this test. 

Audio Test For Dementia
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