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TeleStroke Program

Every second matters when a stroke patient is brought into the emergency department. Our Telestroke neurologists can help save time by providing real-time assistance.


With NeuroX, board-certified neurologists are just a click away to provide emergency care.


brain cells die per minute in case of ischemic stroke

<30 Min
target door-to-needle time

hospitals in USA do not have neurology coverage

What is Telestroke

When a stroke patient is brought into the emergency room, they need emergency assistance, and a telestroke specialist can provide that. Telestroke is actually an experienced neurologist (stroke or vascular) examining and treating a stroke patient virtually. The neurologist is aligned in real-time with the facility’s or hospital’s staff and helps them deliver timely care to save as many brain cells as possible. Telestroke, or stroke telemedicine, programs are known to save precious lives by reducing the door-to-needle time in facilities and connecting experienced neurologists directly with the hospital’s on-site team. NeuroX Telestroke team uses robust telemedicine equipment along with a reliable telemedicine platform to deliver care without delays. Our neurologists are available within minutes to assist your ED team and ensure precious lives are saved.


How NeuroX TeleStroke Program Works

1 / Induction

When a stroke patient is brought to the ED, our telestroke specialist is notified and is connected with the on-ground team in minutes via telemedicine.

2 / NeuroX Telestroke Cart

ED team takes the telestroke cart to the patient so that the NeuroX specialist can work directly with the ED physician

3 / Examination

The ED physician examines the patient, and the telestroke specialist observes and provides guidance.

4 / CT

The patient is taken to CT, while continuously being connected to NeuroX specialist via Telemedicine 

5 / tPA 

Based on CT Results, NeuroX neurologist makes recommendations which can be tPA administration. 

5 / Recommendations

NeuroX neurologist, along with ED physicians and staff assess the situation and may shift the patient to in-patient settings. 

Benefits of NeuroX TeleStroke
Telelocum Details

The Golden Hour 

Treating a stroke patient within the first hour of the onset of stroke symptoms significantly improves the patient’s chances of survival and positive long-term outcomes.


When someone suffers a stroke, 1.9 million neurons die each minute. Therefore, “time is brain” and every single second counts in stroke care. NeuroX’s Telestroke program can help decrease the time it takes to treat stroke patients by significantly improving the last known normal-to-needle and door-to-needle times at your facility.


Our NeuroX Telestroke program also helps increase the number of patients receiving brain-saving clot-busting treatments, including alteplase and tenecteplase. The NeuroX Telestroke program saves lives and improves the care of stroke patients, resulting in no or minimal disability.

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