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Comprehensive Brain Care Solutions for Everyone! 

Explore our brain care and coverage services and solutions to improve patient outcomes and save costs.


What We Offer

Care For Individual Patients

Are you struggling with neurological issues, mental health concerns, or sleep problems? NeuroX offers a convenient and effective solution. Their comprehensive hybrid care model combines online consultations with neurologists, psychiatrists, and sleep specialists with screening, diagnosis, treatment, and remote monitoring. This means you can get the expert care you need from the comfort of your home, making prioritizing your well-being easier than ever.


TeleStroke Program

NeuroX's Remote Patient Monitoring service is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time insights into a patient's neurological health, enabling healthcare providers to respond to changes in the patient's neurological condition quickly and proactively intervene when needed.


This helps reduce the risk of falls, fall-related injuries, and other neurological events.

Telelocum Specialists

NeuroX is the premiere online neurological, psych, and sleep care provider, delivering quality healthcare with a patient-centric approach. Our 24/7 telelocum services allow hospitals and assisted living facilities to reduce costs and improve outcomes, even during after-hours, weekends, and holidays.


With NeuroX, you can always depend on expert brain care for your patients anytime.


Care Navigation

To serve the rapidly growing number of Americans with dementia and their caregivers, NeuroX offers a value-based care management program designed to improve clinical outcomes and lower the cost of care.  Powered by our expert care navigators, a multidisciplinary team, and our IT experts, we partner with communities of patients, physicians, payors, and social services to improve the health of communities.

In-Patient Rounding

NeuroX's in-patient rounding service provides comprehensive care for neurology, sleep, and psych patients, focusing on timely interventions and interventions tailored to each patient's needs. Our experienced team of neurologists, psychologists, sleep specialists, and nurses will work with your facility to provide comprehensive, individualized patient care.

telemed-in-action in-patient rounding
Telemed on-site teleclinics

On-Site Teleclinics

NeuroX provides on-site teleclinics to make neurological, psychiatric, and sleep care accessible and convenient for patients. Our teleclinics can be established at hospitals, senior living facilities, and corporate offices, allowing users to quickly and easily access the care they need.


NeuroX's on-site teleclinics allow patients to receive quality care from experienced specialists, eliminating the need for long drives to the doctor's office.

Who We Are

Founded in 2020 by American board-certified neurologists, psychiatrists, and sleep specialists, NeuroX is committed to improving care and outcomes for patients with complex brain-related health conditions. Our value-based care model leverages an award-winning virtual population health platform, bringing together a multidisciplinary team dedicated to enhancing clinical outcomes, enriching patient quality of life, and reducing healthcare costs. With clinical operations in Florida and a virtual network spanning 35 states, NeuroX offers AI-assisted diagnosis, online consultations, diagnostic services, and remote treatment and monitoring, ensuring patients receive comprehensive care while residing in their communities for as long as possible.

Our Leadership Team

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