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Our Services

  • Online Clinic
  • Inpatient Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Second Opinion Services
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Digital Health Services

Online Clinic

NeuroX offers affordable, convenient & secure access to Neurologists, Psychologists & Psychiatrists from the comfort of your home – saving time, cost & hassle. By booking an appointment online, you can receive expert consultation through the NeuroX HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution. Accessible through a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can forget the month long waiting periods. Talk to an expert neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist when you need to.

Inpatient Services

NeuroX inpatient services allow assisted living facilities & rehab centres to expand their service portfolio by providing 24/7 Neuro & Psych care coverage to their residents. NeuroX physicians are available for tele-consultation at all times, including weekends & after hours to ensure care is available when required. This saves cost incurred by facilities by preventing unnecessary hospitalisations and transportation. Most importantly, it offers top quality care and excellent resident satisfaction.

Corporate Services

Humans perform best when they are healthy. NeuroX corporate services include health packages for Employers & Academic Institutions to ensure optimal mental wellbeing of employees & students, which leads to optimal productivity. NeuroX mental health packages allow employees and students to access top Neurologists, Psychiatrists & Psychologists online when they need them the most.

Second Opinion Services

Super-specialists at NeuroX specialize in many sub-specialties of Neurology & Psychiatry and are known around the world as experts in their specific domains. They can be accessed through NeuroX for 2nd opinion teleconsultations on complex cases.

Diagnostic Services

NeuroX brings up to 80% discounts on diagnostic services including labs, imaging, EEG, etc from top providers in the region – including Quest Diagnostics, Green Imaging, Precision Imaging and Alliance Company. Patients can view pricing upfront, compare different providers and schedule services online to receive attractive discounts.

Digital Health Services

NeuroX provides Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Psychologists a specialty focused 360-degree Telemedicine EMR. This technology enables seamless and streamlined care delivery day in and day out. NeuroX technology solutions are designed by physicians for physicians and provide optimisation of processes to ensure maximum efficiency.

Getting care on neurox is
easy as 1,2,3

Select Specialty & Location

Select your desired specialty & location. If you are not sure about the specialty, select “other.” Currently, our services are being offered in Florida only.

Select Physician & Request Appointment

View a detailed profile of your physician and see his/her subspecialties & conditions treated.

Speak with a doctor about your issue

A board certified provider licensed in your state reviews your medical history and provides you an interactive consultation through video.

Receive treatment for your issue

The doctor recommends the best treatment for your health. If a prescription is required, this will be sent electronically to your pharmacy of choice.

Provide feedback on
your experience

A follow-up email is sent to ensure you received care to your satisfaction, offering the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience.


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